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2017 frischer chinesischer Knoblauch in Jinxiang hergestellt


Produktbeschreibung Reinweiß chinesischer Knoblauch aus Jinxiang
2017 Fresh Crop Pure White Garlic from Jinxiang
Milky white; Snow white; 
3-4.5cm; 4.5cm; 5cm; 5.5cm; 6cm; 6.5cm; 7 cm and above
Supplying Period 
All year round; 
Fresh garlic: from June to September; 
Cold storage garlic: September to next May
Transporting and storing temperature 
-3°C to 0°C
Supplying Ability
2000tons per month
Exporting Standard
Based on customer's request.
Detaillierte Bilder Verpackung und Lieferung
Mesh bag
1) Loose Packaging
10kg; 20kg
10kg; 20kg
2) Small Packing 
1kg/bag, 1kg x 10bags/carton
250g/bag, 250g x 40bags/carton
4pcs(250g)/bag, 250g x 40bags/carton
500g/bag, 5kg/mesh bag
500g/bag, 500g x 20bags/carton
5pcs/bag, 10kg/carton
250g/bag, 250g x 40bags/carton
200g/bag, 200g x 50bags/carton
3pcs(200g)/bag,200g x 50bags/carton
Our company provides customised packing based on clients' requirements.
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